Anna's Painted Screens

 "Painting the Town, One Window at a Time"

Celebrating more than 100 Years of Baltimore Window Screen Painting! 

Screen painting offers a personal decorative touch to your home exterior

and provides you with degree of desirable privacy.

Amaze your neighbors with a magical painted window screen.


arabber window screen painting

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 Ask about having your custom  privacy screen painted for home, business, city,or shore.

Customer satisfaction is a highest priority.

 I  offer a three year guarantee on paintings on metal wire. Each window screen is hand-painted especially for you with a design of your choice. Some commissions include a complimentary maintenance touch up,  Prices start at $50 and average $15-30 per square foot, depending on the size of the screen and the design. Convenient pick up, rescreening, and delivery are available. 

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A happy customer

A happy customer peeks out of her privacy screen. 

 "You see out. No one sees in."

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